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May 18, 2013 Off

Crossfire, Eyefinity and You.

By ReverEND

Recently, I upgraded my computers video card from a GTX275 to dual 5870’s to, hopefully, increase the framerate and overall enjoyment of having 3 monitors. Prior, I was using SoftTH for 3x1 gaming.  While the software was extremely flexible and,...

March 1, 2013 0

Gentlemen, We can rebuild him[it]…Pt.1

By ReverEND

    Cue the *whoawhoawhoawhoa* jumping sound of the Six-Million Dollar Man!. In case you can’t tell what that is...

February 7, 2013 0

Top 5 movies that SHOULD have a game.

By ReverEND

So, I get this link in my email with a ringtone from Hangover from my girlfriend where one of the...