Super Duper Limited Editionness for 2K10 NBA??

I’m all for Special Edition/Collectors Editions/Slimer Editions (Yes, I bought the Slimer Edition of Ghostbusters.) As long as it comes with some really cool swag that your not likely to get elsewhere.  Like the GTA4 special edition on the SF4 collectors edition for Ps3 (Which still runs far higher than it’s release price, check it.) … Read moreSuper Duper Limited Editionness for 2K10 NBA??

Who ya gonna call?. Ghostbusters Review!

ghostbusters Yeah, it’s another one of those movie games.  We all cringe, and die a little inside when we see these on the store shelf.  Seeing our favorite films boiled down to the most retarded gaming experience any sloth missing a toe could defeat.. if he didn’t get bored with it first.  What makes studios do these things?.. seems like every movie coincides with some dreadful game.  Iron Man movie? Rocked.  Iron Man game? Boring as all hell.  The Matrix? fantastic flick.. the following game Enter the Matrix?. glitchy and broken.  Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?. OK movie.  The game?.. especially the PSP version?. I died a little inside, deep down where I’m soft and gentle.

So when Ghostbusters was announced in 2007 to be in development by a studio called Zootfly.  I wasn’t impressed.  sure, My interested perked up a little bit, but it quickly subsided as I remembered nearly every single Movie based game EVER… excluding 2.  Chronicles of Riddick, and Spiderman 2.  I didn’t have much faith that this game would do much more than suck lots of meat.

What makes this one any different?.  Lots, and I’ll tell you.


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id Software Sells out?

In an announcement that probably shocked everyone and your mothers, and John Carmack’s mother.  id Software, developer and creators of  the Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake franchises have apparently been bought by ZeniMAX who also owns Bethesda.  Another great studio who has created the Elder Scroll series and Fallout 3. In a phone interview with … Read moreid Software Sells out?

You spilled GTA4 in my Web Browser!

Wow.. This looks amazing.  This guy is playing Grand Theft Auto 4 within a simple web browser.  The game isn’t requiring a fancy expensive card, lots of RAM or CPU or anything, it’s all being rendered live on the server or “Cloud” that he has his Web Browser pointed at.

While he explains there is a little bit of lag, it’s not bad, but frantic FPS games like Unreal Tournament 3 or Counter Strike or something it could be a bit more noticeable.  This demonstration is truly mind boggling.  But, Lets think about what obviously must be happening behind the scheme

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