Game Enthusiast 9: Retro Review

I originally posted this review on on 2003
I am very knowledgable on video gaming and I know why the game industry crashed, and it was NOT solely E.T’s fault. it was many things all happening at once. But jesus it sounds better to say “E.T. destroyed Atari and video games!!” than to say “Well, it was a combination of atari’s over-production, and new compe….blah blah blah blah blah”. Besides, the game really is that bad. I have played it, I own it…I actually bought the game for 50 cents so I could say “I have played it” so there is creditablity behind my bashing.

Game Enthusiast X ReLOADED

I decided to revisit my ideas and predicitions that I made from my last blog. One change that lead me to this decision was that I picked up a PS3 for my birthday and wanted to give a quick rundown of what I think about it so far. I like to think of myself as having an unbiased opinion about gaming. So I’ll do my best to simply state the things that effect me and my experiences with the system and what I think is relevant to others who may be in the market to but a console and what I would suggest. In my 3rd Gaming Blog I said that although Sony’s system simply wasn’t the best out there it would become the system to own because it’s Sony. They have huge name recognition.

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