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The Conduit ScreenshotHey all, I posted earlier this week or so that I was moving my gamer blogs to a different site, while this is probably still true, I’m not sure Cheap Ass Gamers gonna be the site to host them, too many limits (no pictures, no videos, character limit, no HTML, etc.) so, I’m still looking around.. until then, I’m posting at least one more.. yay for you right?.
Anyways, With the massive wave of sequels, movie-tie in games and god awful Shovelware” coming out this year, I wanna express my excitement for a few games that I can’t wait to come out!
First off, we have an indie game… The Conduit

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Top 5 movies that SHOULD have a game.

So, I get this link in my email with a ringtone from Hangover from my girlfriend where one of the characters is singing about there lost friend and if he’s been murdered by meth addicts that they would be “shit out of luck” and I instantly thought how cool this movie would be as a game.  and I laughed to myself and started wondering what other movies would make awesome games.  Not just the obvious “cool movie=cool game” theory…that never works, well..up until this year it seems.  But, I decided to make a list of some of the more tilted, obscure, underground good movies that should get a cool game to go with it.

Another note, these are movies that will I believe are best suited for a game.  Sure, there are other movies that would probably make very interesting games, but may have to be shoehorned, I think these are easy-ish fits into a game genre without much lose to the integrity of the story. Also, I’m trying to stay away from movies that are already like a game.. I thought of other movies, but also was able to quickly think of a game that was much like the film.   So, here we go!…

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