Activision gives back to those they exploit.

11877-activision_logo_160_largeOk, ok, that’s a harsh way of saying it.. I’m just bitter at them right now.

Anyways, With the release of Modern Warfare 2 a mere hour or so away, Activision has stepped up in a major way and announced there intentions of donating $1 Million to support groups that help veterans find jobs and build careers after they get out of the service.

Bobby Kotick, Activisions Head hancho said “How do you expect people to actually join the military if when they leave, they can’t integrate back into the free market they’re supposed to be protecting?  The jobless rate that veterans should have, should be far less than the national average, not more.”

While I have my issues with Activision and there new found practice of re-re-releasing the same game with different “looks” (Guitar Hero 5, Band hero, GH:Van blah blah blah.) I have to give them props for taking a big step into helping others out.  Kudos

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