Apple killing… Nintendo?


So ad this interesting post on about how the reason that Nintendo’s sales have slumped is because of…. the iPhone/Touch?

Yeah, I… doubt that.  Well, Maybe not that much, as I can see the iPhone digging into the DS sales.  But not by much, and not for very long.  The post goes on to show a couple quotes by New York magazine big wigs or something, but… really?

Nintendo has been in the game a long time and I don’t see Apple coming into a gaming war just to fail.  and they would fail.  This is why I think this.

No company has just come into the gaming sector without knowledge and work in it before hand and just done amazing.  Sony didn’t, they worked with Nintendo for years and where in conjunction to release a CD based gaming system.  A deal went sour and Sony released the Playstation without Nintendo.  Apple attempted a “console” in ‘95 with the “Pippin” that flopped so badly that nobody remembers it.  (Also, only being in Japan didn’t help either.)

There have been rumors upon rumors that Apple will enter the gaming market with a console of there own.  I honestly don’t see this being a good thing at all.  Think about what Apple is primarily about.  It’s about ease of use, expensive lower power computers that just look really flashy.  Apply all that to a game console and you basically have the Wii.  But since Apple likes to hype basic functions but completely MISS the really basic functions. (No MMS until Sept. of 2009! anyone!?.)  We would end up with a system that had built in wireless and connect to iTunes… but be missing a direction pad on the controllers and have no quality control on the flood of crappy games.

Look, I love my iPhone, it’s the best phone I’ve ever had.  And it does have some great games on it!.  But this is by no means BECAUSE of Apple, it’s actually in spite of Apple.  It’s been a long known truth that Steve Jobs doesn’t like games.  So, having an Apple Game Console, to me, would feel way too much like a money grab.. *shrug*

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