Beatles: Rock Band, Spotted in the wild!!…kindof

IMG_0115So, while walking around upon arriving at Warped Tour 09.  I noticed a Rock Band tent, full of 360’s all playing full Rock Band 2 setups.  this was pretty cool, most the time there where people playing all the setups.  most where OK, some where so bad but sold it so well I had to heckle them a little.  Left to see a few bands, and coming back they had a copy of Beatles Rock Band running this time.  obviously, it drew a small crowd as people wanted to see what the new Beatles game looked like.


it looked pretty impressive, still obviously Rock Band but with a much different style to it.  not just the menus, but the whole game interface had a different style, it looked nice.  I didn’t get a chance to try it out as one of my bands where gonna go up on stage and I wanted to get a good position I think.  But I snapped a photo.  click the thumbnail to get a bigger version of the pic.

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