Big f’in spider invades homes, Japanese schoolgirls respond.


Thats right, spiders large enough to straddle a pack of cigarretts are invading my house.  An as of yet, unclassified species of Huntsman Spider was seen running out from behind my monitor whilst playing EVE Online.  Myself, not too scared of spiders, was found running out of the room screaming like a little girl.



 …….Japanese school girls responded by being hot and underage.

3 thoughts on “Big f’in spider invades homes, Japanese schoolgirls respond.

  1. Did you shit yourself? Cause I would have shit and pissed myself while running away screaming… And yes I would make BJ kill it and clean up my mess =p
    That is just horrible…I always liked Japan and wanted to visit, not so much now….

  2. Hardly, it came from Japan, therefore has a right in/on any gaming site. AND I was playing games when it happened. This could be an important lesson for gamers that play in the dark. You never know when a big fucking spider is going to interrupt you playing games.

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