Borderlands getting Zombies Nov. 24th.

Yes, it seems that Zombies simply won’t die.  With Call of Duty 5’s Zombie mode being the ONLY replayable experience in the game, Left 4 Dead 2 coming oh, an HOUR Next Week! (I jumped the gun. My bad) and the likes, now Borderlands is getting in on the undead action with a planned release of a Zombie island!.  The DLC as of right now is only being announced for the PS3 and 360 for about 10 bucks.  Although a PC version hasn’t been mentioned, I can’t imagine them not releasing it on PC.. just, don’t expect it the 24th, like many companies.  it’ll come, just later than we want.  Sad face.  BUT!.  it could be a free download for us P players.. W00t!

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