Game Enthusiast X: Tis te h ENDz?

Whoa.. thats pretty cool looking.
Whoa.. thats pretty cool looking.

Hello all.  Now, I know not many read my gamer blogs.  So, I think this is going to be the last one for a long while, don’t want to bore you all to death.

As I said in a blog earlier today labeled “Domo omigato” ..I’m headed to Japan next year.  kick it with an ol friend and hit one of the last great video game shows left “Tokyo Game Show”.  There was E3 (Electronics Entertainment Expo)  but it became too massive and was discontinued in it’s past form, reformulated, striped down, and is now only held for press and business folk.  There is an  “E3 for All”, but as it is now, its severaly lacking.  Sony, Microsoft, and many, if not most 3rd party software companies chose to completely skip it.

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Game Enthusiasts ONLY! Part 2

Ive got a GOLDEN Ttiicket
I've got a GOLDEN Ttiicket

Well, it’s been a little while since I posted my last blog, So I’ve decided to do another one.

And it’s going to be about games again, so just deal with that… I can hear most of you whining and shit from hear so just backtrack to some of my older “I’m depressed” blogs until I get all depressed again so =p

1st things 1st…. I bought my ass a Wii!.. opening day.  And while I’m horrbily broke to the point of not being able to afford gasfor my car!.. (Don’t judge me…) I’m happy with it!.

So, Nov.19th was the release day.  and for the week leading up to that I was planning my attack strategy because I knew it was going to sell out EVERYWHERE within minutes.  So I checked and read up on the release of the 360 and looked to find who still had stock left over from that Blitz last year!

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Game Enthusiast: 6

Pretty water...isnt it... ISNT IT!!
Pretty water...isn't it... ISN'T IT!!

“Would you kindly read my review of Bioshock?”

This game is called Bioshock.. and in the gaming community and maybe outside the community a bit, this game will be hailed for it’s refreshing of the tired FPS (first person shooter) genre, marveled upon for it’s artistic and technological glory, praised for it’s story, directing, and production, and sadly, Criticized for it’s portrayal of children and violence.

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N4L: a New Hop3

The Conduit ScreenshotHey all, I posted earlier this week or so that I was moving my gamer blogs to a different site, while this is probably still true, I’m not sure Cheap Ass Gamers gonna be the site to host them, too many limits (no pictures, no videos, character limit, no HTML, etc.) so, I’m still looking around.. until then, I’m posting at least one more.. yay for you right?.
Anyways, With the massive wave of sequels, movie-tie in games and god awful Shovelware” coming out this year, I wanna express my excitement for a few games that I can’t wait to come out!
First off, we have an indie game… The Conduit

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Game Enthusiast 9: Retro Review

I originally posted this review on on 2003
I am very knowledgable on video gaming and I know why the game industry crashed, and it was NOT solely E.T’s fault. it was many things all happening at once. But jesus it sounds better to say “E.T. destroyed Atari and video games!!” than to say “Well, it was a combination of atari’s over-production, and new compe….blah blah blah blah blah”. Besides, the game really is that bad. I have played it, I own it…I actually bought the game for 50 cents so I could say “I have played it” so there is creditablity behind my bashing.

Game Enthusiast X ReLOADED

I decided to revisit my ideas and predicitions that I made from my last blog. One change that lead me to this decision was that I picked up a PS3 for my birthday and wanted to give a quick rundown of what I think about it so far. I like to think of myself as having an unbiased opinion about gaming. So I’ll do my best to simply state the things that effect me and my experiences with the system and what I think is relevant to others who may be in the market to but a console and what I would suggest. In my 3rd Gaming Blog I said that although Sony’s system simply wasn’t the best out there it would become the system to own because it’s Sony. They have huge name recognition.

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