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Just testing a new way of adding content to the site. It’s quiet right now, but once the site is moved to a new host I’ll start adding things more frequently. Whatcha all think of that fancy invisible PS4, huh? Crazy!

Adventures in Wal-Mart

image374458803.jpgAs some of you may know. Last Saturday, Wal-mart had one of 3 “Pre-Black Friday” Sales. Something they are doing to ease the rush of the actual Black Friday (Nov.27th). This sale had a nice selection of items. A decent laptop for 259. A couple TV’s for nearly half off. One of these items was an xBox360 Arcade edition of $199. But with a $100 dollar gift card. That’s basically a $99 dollar 360! Not bad at all!

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L0pht making a come back?

While not really gaming news, this is good news to most of us who are rooted into some of the darker aspects of computing and the internet……..  After nearly 10 years of inactivity and seperation, L0pht is making a comeback of sorts.  If you are saying “WTF is L0pht?” then it probably won’t be worth … Read moreL0pht making a come back?