DotA 2 on the way

What is DotA you ask? DotA (Defense of the Ancients) was a Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne map developed by a player called IceFrog, that consisted of Hero classes only. Basically you had 3 lanes that would shoot small gangs of NPC’s down them and you had to defend your base against them, and the opposing player Heros. Pretty simple yeah? DotA seemed to be a game primarily played in the Oceanic realm until recently, when the US picked it up.

With the amount of players and Warcraft 3 being old and having inferior graphics to todays standards, Riot Games began developing the next chapter, League of Legends.

League of Legends has the look and feel of DotA, but developed on its own engine, completely new Heroes, and a slightly different play style. Unfortunately I havent been selected into the beta yet so I cant speak first hand, but I’ll go off of what I’ve read and seen so far. Amazingly, Riot seems to be relying on their potential gamers to essentially “build” the game. The forums and IRC channel are full of good and not so good comments. Primarily the issue that I see with this, is that DotA players are going to want the game to be an expansion, and for the most part it looks like the developers are going along with it. Doesn’t sound too exciting eh? Yeah, with cartoony characters and unimpressive map detailing, I think it should be retitled to something more fitting. Something with a Disney ring to it…….. BUT I wont judge yet. There is the potential that it will be good, and still lots of time for them to change things. However, for me, I’d rather just play DotA than spend another 50 bucks on a game that should have been done by Hasbro.

A list of Heroes (called Champions in LoL) can be viewed  Most of them have the look of WoW characters, so there should be plenty of 12 year olds playing to give the Xbox Live feel to the game.  Along with those 30+’s that still live in moms basement and do things that I dont even want to know about to Hello Kitty dolls.  Alot of these characters seem to look alot like characters from Anime’s and other games.  Most notably Annie, “The Dark Child” who bears a striking resembelence to American McGees Alice character.  A little disappointing to be honest.

The forums are littered with “Like DotA!” or “Well DotA didnt have that” etc.  Perfect examples:

“well at least at dota, getting back to the fountain everytime u need to heal/buy itens is pretty lame… and take soo much time…. other importatn thing to say, is that a LoL game gonna be shorter than a dota game…”


“I’m new here but I searched a tad bit and couldn’t find anything about the maps too much at all. I was just curious if we were going to see a dota-like map in LoL?”

Enough of this crap, im going to go play Prototype… that is a kick ass game.

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