Duke Nukem Forever After.


Remember Duke Nukem 3D?. Yeah, that was a pretty good game.  You may not know how much money it got for 3D Realms (creator) and just how much it sold.  I won’t tell you, but it was a metric fuck-ton.  more like 2.

Remember Duke Nukem Forever?.  How cool that game was……..suppose to be?.  Yeah, I remember it well, taking 12-years to, finally, completely end and be dead.  Well, Wired is running a story about the rise and fall of 3D Realms and the, kindof sad story about Duke Nukem Forever’s endless development cycle, multiple 3D gaming engine switches, and complete lack of schedule, milestones, and an Endgame that brought the once, on top of the world 3D Realm crashing down to earth and fighting off Take Two Interactives lawsuits in undelivered goods and there attempts at forcing 3D Realm to sell the Duke IP to them.

It’s a good read, a bit long, but anyone who liked Duke Nukem, and wants some insight to it’s heavy crown should read it.

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