Chuck_Liddell_001So, there’s a bit of a solid rumor going around.

1st off, EA is making an MMA game.  cool right?.  Yeah sure.  That’s not the rumor.  The rumor is that the UFC has issued a warning to any current fighters who are not under contract of the UFC that if they sign anything with EA to be apart or participate in there upcoming title that they will be BANNED FOR LIFE from the UFC..  Wow, that is freaking hardcore on the UFC side and shows either a real fear of anything that EA does or a heavy sign of dominance in the MMA arena.

MMA Uber agent Ken Pavia of MMAAgents.com says this.

“It’s true. And they told me [they] want the word out.”

Ok.. umm, this seemed like a strong move for UFC to pull.  But, honestly.  I can’t say I feel bad for EA right now, with there history of completely monopolizing the NFL franchise in terms of gaming… I kind of see this as Karma.  On a different note though, this probably won’t deter them or anyone willing to sign up to star in a video game.

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