Ex-Infinity Ward leads strike back!


The 2 lead developers at Infinity Ward who where fired by Activision for "insubordination" have filed there own suit against Activision.  There claim states that the company carried out "Orwellian", "pre-ordained" investigations designed to "manufacture a basis to fire" them in order to not have to pay out bonuses and royalites.

The 2 are seeking damages in excess of 36-million dollars!


Jason West and Vince Zampella explains in there lawsuit that "Activision conducted the investigation in a manner designed to maximize the inconvenience and anxiety it would cause West and Zampella," the lawsuit claims, alleging that the two were "interrogated for over six hours in a windowless conference room" and that other Infinity Ward employees were "brought…to tears" by Activision investigators.

So, When West and Zampella had enough and refused something, possibly in a later investigation, they where fired on grounds of "insubordination".

Wow, that is very Orson Wells like isn’t it?…

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