Forza Motorsports 4 Quick Review.

First impression: forza motorsport 4, at first, you pop in the game, music playing and the rumble of the cars engine, your thrown in a race, sort of a celebration, welcoming back the fans, and after said race, *please insert disk 2* for an additional 2.41 gb worth of bonus cars! counting all, there ARE 500 cars, from 80 manufacturers, not to mention additional dlc cars coming in the future, the views of the track are astounding, the cars are all very detailed, being all designed with a million polygons.. EACH! so as you can imagine, if you have a newer tv, you can even see the individual bolts, frames, hell, even as small as the scratches on the disk breaks show up, i mean, this is amazing! the racing is spot on, and quite realistic, so much that i actually found myself turning my controller to steer, and adding weight to my foot for more power! with additional help from bbc’s top gear, autovista mode, where you can get inside of the car, hit all the buttons, and look at every aspect of the car, however, that’s only for 25 cars, more will come with dlc, the customization is all back, its pretty much a free for all, do what you like, however you’d like to! the sounds are all spot on as the rumble from your car tears through the range, its quite the treat!