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I decided to revisit my ideas and predicitions that I made from my last blog. One change that lead me to this decision was that I picked up a PS3 for my birthday and wanted to give a quick rundown of what I think about it so far. I like to think of myself as having an unbiased opinion about gaming. So I’ll do my best to simply state the things that effect me and my experiences with the system and what I think is relevant to others who may be in the market to but a console and what I would suggest. In my 3rd Gaming Blog I said that although Sony’s system simply wasn’t the best out there it would become the system to own because it’s Sony. They have huge name recognition.

There fan base is so horribly biased and stuck in there ways and name brand that they will force there system into the forefront whether its deserved or not. I think I said the Xbox360 would enjoy a much healthier second place once that happened then it’s predeccessor did. And the poor Wii would eventually fall from its wave of success IF the good games didn’t get going on this lil’ box. For the most part Im right. These last couple months saw the Playstation 3 finally outsell the Xbox360. Microsoft is stating this is partly due to supply issues on there part. They can’t ship them fast enough. I dunno about that. Another reason for the PS3’s bigger sales is also the death of the HD-DVD format. Sony’s Blu-Ray is now the only HD format with no competition…. Which is leading to higher BD (blu ray disc) prices! I’ll get to that later. So. On that side I’m right. The PS3 is selling better. But it is deserved yet? From what I’ve read and experienced first hand is… Not really.. While theoretically it is superior spec wise. (more RAM, fast CPU’s, more storage on disc, etc etc) its obviously incredibly difficult to program on. Still, every game that is released on both the ps3 and the 360 comes out lacking in something when compared to the 360 version. Graphics not as sharp or frame rate not as clean. There is always something. I personally haven’t tested this with games as I don’t own a game for both systems.. That would be silly. But my personal experiences with the system has given me mixed feelings. On one hand it’s very connected to your home network. Sharing media from your pc is easier and a more polished experience. It will even share media with your PSP wirelessly breathing new life into that system. What doesn’t feel very connected is it to the “Playststion Store” Xbox Live is always there and seems fully intergrates to the xbox experience. While the PS3 equivalent is there.. But just kinda “there”… somewhere. While 360 demos and games can be downloaded and played. The PS3 games must be installed too which can take another 15 minutes on top of the download. PS3 also doesn’t have movie or TV show downloads. It has Many options when it comes to A/V setup making it perfectly viable as a complete DVD player replacement! It plays BD and can upscale standard DVDs to 1080p resolution when used with a HDMI cable. I was so impressed with its media abilities I unhooked and put away my aging upscaling DVD player and am now using the PS3 for all DVD needs. EXCEPT HD-DVD’s. I’m going to let it be known that I was against Blu-ray and backed HDDVD format. Now that I have a Blu-Ray player I still prefer HDDVD. Why? Simple. It was consumer friendly from the very beginning. Web-Enabled features are fantastic, menus are clean and innovative. And the picture was brilliant. All hddvd players could play all hddvd movies. No confusing versions you had to look out for. Etc. Now, maybe I just havent tried the right Blu-ray movie. But I think hddvd looked just a little bit sharper. Also. BD has no web features, Yet. Not until version. 2.0 in which all players released earlier last year that are NOT 2.0 can not be upgraded (only a small select few can do this. PS3 being one of them.). So when movies start specifically require v2.0. Your shit out of luck. Sony paid many studios hundreds of millions of dollars to release only ..ay and snuff HDDVD. Kinda sickening. When both formats where released, the standard price of either format was about 30 bucks.. some where 24.99. My opinion that it still a little too spendy for me. but with the fall of HD-DVD, Blu-Ray discs and players have actually gone up. want a litle proof?. HEREand HERE. I become increasingly confounded that people would blindly follow the name of something rather than look at something that is cheaper, performances better, is friendlier to you as a consumer, and looks just as good or (from my eye) better… *shrug* too late now right?.. How about the games?? Well. Some look fantastic at 1080i resolution. Most can’t even run at that! Sony fought screaming about 1080p resolution and how superior it is and how there system would do it ALL at 60fps!. But there system can’t do it most the time! Not a big deal if it would just upscale to it right? Just like the Xbox360?? It won’t. If your someone with an HDTV that only displays 1080i and not 720p. Your fucked. This is the single most irritated thing about this system and the biggest reason I’m still thinking about taking it back! If your tv won’t do 720p. The PS3 will downscale any game that requires that resolution down to 480p. Yep, standard definition. That’d simply ludicrious. The 360.. A less powerful system does upscaling on EVERY game with no problems. Why not this?? Baffling. As of right now, I do believe the Ps3 has potential.. if Sony would get there HEAD out of there ass and actually CATER to the people that make them a huge corporate icon, they could have a fantastic system.. right now, this thing is basically here to force you to upgrade all your shit.. Sony could Easily.. and I mean EASILY issue a firmware update that upconverts ALL there games to at LEAST 1080i.. at Least.. it would look better and be more compatible. but they haven’t yet. Whatever.. So far.. looks like My PS3 is teetering on being returned.. unless something big comes out. I don’t think there is any reason to update my prediction. PS3 will eventually become the “IT” machine.. 360 will be right next to it. and unless the Wii can get together some God damned good 3rd party software it won’t make it. Sure, 4 metric “Fuck-tons” of Wii’s have been sold (approximately.) but hardware sales don’t mean shit unless the software backs it up. Also, I read a rumour that the shortage of Wii’s NOW is due to the weak American Dollar, Nintendo is shipping more to Europe then here because the Euro is worth more.. hmmm, interesting. and I wouldn’t doubt it. Ok, ttfn. BTW.. if you ARE getting a ps3.. even with my words of wisedom. don’t get the 40gb. it WILL NOT play Ps2 games. try and find a used 60gb (Fully backward compatible with Ps2) or an 80gb (partially /almost fully.) OR… wait for the new 60gb coming out in a couple months. it’ll be worth it, at least you’ll have something to play on your 500 dollar DVD player =/

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