Ghostbusters for PSP? Skate 3? Etc?

Well, This is interesting, While at my local Gamestop.  I checked in on there release date book.  Which, Really… should never be taken as stone, but I found a couple interesting things in there.  One of which, they had a date set for Skate 3 already.  It said it was penciled for a May 2010 release.  Seems a little soon doesn’t it?.  So, ignore that date, but you can bet that it will be released at some point.

Another interesting thing I saw was it had a release date for Ghostbusters for the PSP.  I had read a couple places that this was either “still a possibility” or shit canned completely.  But, they had it being set for a November Release of this year.  Not sure I believe that either, but it’s interesting that it was on the list of things to be released at all.  I’m almost a little excited about it.

Oh!.. and the “etc.”   Apparently, Army for 2 40th Day is headed for the PSP as well.  They better get some awesome multiplayer options in there.. where in the hell is my online gaming on this thing!?

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