Halo was originally for the Mac, no shit.

No Really.  I’m not joking.  Back in 1999, you know.  WWAAY back then.  Apple went to Bungie, who had already made Mac exclusive games such as Marathon and Myth and asked them how to get better games (A.K.A: Any game period.) on the Mac.  Bungie told them, be a PC….


..No, that’s not what happened.  But Steve Jobs explains in this video what Bungie told them, and Bungie was then able to start work on…HALO. 


I’m gonna bet money that when Microsoft got a gander at what Bungie was doing with Halo is when they jumped at the chance to buy up there company.  If Microsoft hadn’t of bought Bungie then the face of gaming as we know it today could have been VERY, very different.


Imagine.  instead of buying an Xbox, you bought an apple computer. *shudder*. I know, I got the willies too..

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  1. Hey is this BJ Wallace? this is your old friend Rebecca Collins or Becky as you knew me then. Nice site. its quite different! What are you doing now, married, kiddies? lol Im married and have a 3 year old son, Jonathan. So we haven’t talked in like… 6 years.. no biggie if you dont remember me =)

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