Hold your wee for a Wii.

gotta-pee1Just read on GamePolitcs.com that the family of Jennifer Strange won there case against KDND-FM, and was awarded 16-million.

You may not remember, but back when the Wii was still impossible to find (2007.) KDND held a contest called “Hold your wee for a Wii”  where contestants would drink as much water as possible and then, who ever held there urge to tinkle would win a Nintendo Wii.  Well, Jennifer Strange fell ill during the competition and went home sick, the next day she was found dead of water intoxication.  The family sued for 34-million, but they won $16 and the radio station fired 10 employees.

Lawyers for the station had “argued that her death was unforseeable, and her ‘contributory negligence’ led in part to her death.”

a jury, apparently, thought otherwise.  Good for them!.  I feel bad for her family and I listened to what the jockey’s where saying.. They where oblivious and acted without concern for her well being.

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