I see your early Batman review, and raise you a 96%!

GamesMasterVerdictA couple weeks ago, I posted that Edios was kindof shopping around the chance to give magazines an early review of Batman, lifting there embargo, as long as they put Batman on the cover, and gave the game at least a score of 90%.


Since the game hasn’t been released, and the ONLY WAY to get a review out the door ahead of everyone else was to fit there conditions.  It was pretty easy to see which magazines where on the level and which ones where not.


Well, looky here.  A European  mag called Games Master seems to have the “exclusive” review out already.  and not only is Batman on the cover of the mag, but they give the game a 96%.  I’m not saying the game does or does not deserve that score.  Hell, I thought the demo was pretty damned good and I can’t wait for it to be released.  But the fact that they took Eidos bait just seems shady to me. 

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