Impressions of the PSPGo

500x_custom_1254159249503_pspgoSony is getting ready to drop a new PSP on us in a couple days called the PSPGo. What is the big freaking deal you ask?

Well look at the thing!.  it’s almost half the size of the original PSP!.  This isn’t just a simple SKU refresh like all the other ones. (Let’s call those SKU updates what they where, they where simply a way for Sony to try and thwart how easy it is to mod and install custom firmwares on the PSP.)

Here is a little something Sony is saying about it:

“The PSP Go, has all the functionality that older PSP hardware versions had, but includes many important and exciting changes. Unlike previous versions whose primary means of playing media was via a built-in Universal Media Disc (UMD) drive, the PSP Go does away with UMDs altogether and instead relies on a media solution combining download functionality via Sony’s PlayStation Network, larger onboard storage capacity and removable Memory Stick Duo support. This major change allows for a slim design, quicker access files and a much more quiet, energy efficient gaming experience since there are no longer any spinning UMDs.

Ok, So really, What is so great about this little thing?. Before I tell you why it’s going to Fail?.

Bluetooth: Yes, the new PSPGo will have bluetooth capabilities, so you can now use wireless headsets or use it wirelessly with the PS3.

No UMD Drive: With the removal of Sony’s step-child proprietary disk drive.  The Go was able to be slimmed down to a very sexy tiny size.  And, theoretically.  Should have gained some battery life, but, apparently, that didn’t happen, and the battery is about the same as a traditional PSP.

Permanent Pause: I don’t see why this can’t be placed in, via software, to the current line of PSP’s, but still a very cool feature.  What you can do is pause a game and exit.  The Go will create a save point of where you are exactly so you can go right back to the spot when you come back to the game.  It’s a step past the sleep mode, as you can now watch a movie or browse the web, and still go right back to your save.

16gb Built-in Storage: Yes, now, you don’t HAVE to have expensive MS Duo sticks around, this thing has 16gb of built in memory for everything you’re going to be buying and such.  Afraid you’ll fill that up?. nah, there is an expansion slot for the New MS Micro cards that Sony will be selling.  I can hear you groaning now about the price.  Sony is being cool this time around and not charging retarded amounts for them.  a 4gb is about 15 bucks.  that’s not bad at all.

Slide out design: While gimmicky, the slide out design is sexy.  I really think the original PSP design was great and didn’t need improving.  This, I don’t see as an improvement, just a different style.  it works though.

Ok, ok.. so, it’s the second coming of Jesus right?.  Sure.  So was the Virtual Boy.

I don’t see this working… Sony is, for one, is destroying any hopes of modding this thing by placing the battery internally.  a BIG magic eraser for modders who screw up a bad flash attempt in there affords to make Custom Firmware has been the Pandora Battery.  a standard PS battery that, alongside a special Memory card creates a special battery that can undo pretty much any software damage done to you’re PSP.  While Sony sees removing all abilities to modified it’s devices as a good thing.  It removes some of my interest to the device.  I love my PSP because I can play NES, SNES, Neo Geo, etc games on it along with my PSP games, it’s an all in one device.

Aside from that.  Sony has also single handedly monopolized the PSPGo distribution route.  And so far, for whatever reason, all digital copies of any game you find is either the exact same price, or more expensive.  Why is it that a digital copy of Rachet and Clank is $30 bucks, but I can get a new copy from Wal-Mart for $25?.  or a used copy for $19?  And there in lies the other big problem.  No resale.  You can not resale digital games.

I don’t care if the game market doesn’t like it.  It’s a business market that has grown from the massive weight of the Game market.  Used game sales.  I don’t like GameStop because, frankly, there dicks about there pricing scheme and shady practices.  But reselling used games is not a sin. treats there users great and has good pricing that doesn’t screw you.  Other smaller used game stores do the same thing.  Sony has set themselves up for failure with the complete inability to buy used games.

On top of that, the fact that all of you’re UMD games and movies can not work, and my never work on the PSPGo screws it as well.  who is going to want to repurchase there PSP library, at more than likely a higher price than before, thanks to digital copies always being higher priced.  Not many people.

I just don’t see this lasting in the long run, there will be a dash to get one, and than a drop in sales, and than a bunch of cheap at Gamestop and EBay.

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