iPhone/iPod: Worms Review

On July 12, 2009 Team 17 Software released the PC classic Worms to the iPhone/iPod. If you have never played this game before, then you have been missing out on a lot! So for those who don’t know, worms is a strategy game. You get so many worms that are placed randomly across aside scrolling map. There are 2 sides, your goal is to use your weapons (and there are MANY) to destroy the other team of worms. Wind has to be taken into consideration as well. You get to pick your weapons from a button on the bottom left that opens up a menu. Some weapons are not available until later on in the game.
Worms ScreenshotYou start on randomly generated maps, that you can let the computer create or you can set the options yourself before letting the computer generate your map. If you havent played worms on the PC, then i suggest getting any version of worms for the PC you can get your hands on, as well as this one for the iPhone/iPod Touch. Worms is one of those games that will always be a classic, regardless of what happens to it, or what device it comes out on. So lets get to the nitty gritty of the game shall we?

Worms is a very strategical game. Since there are all sorts of obstacles all over the map, as well as little caves and small areas your worms can end up in, you have to use your best strategy to get your worms to safe places where you can safely (hopefully safely) pick off the enemy worms. There are also land mines laid out all over the map that you need to avoid, and use against your enemy! Its a lot easier to take out an enemy worm by landing your rocket in front of him at just the right spot so that he gets propelled backwards over a canyon and onto a field of land-mines.

Since there are so many weapons, so many landscapes, so many obstacles, and so many options, you are always coming up with new ways to do different things. Its always fun to use your ninja rope to swing over an enemy and drop a grenade on them at just the right time to cause them to blow backwards onto a landmine, then backwards again into the water and die! Sounds quite cruel, but these are some ferocious worms!

If you are new to Worms, then you may think at first that more could have been done to enhance the graphics of the game. After all its very cartoony-looking right? Well there is reasons behind this! The first reason, this is how Worms has always been rendered on the screen, since the very first game came out back in 1994. There has been one release of the game for the PC called Worms 3D, but thats a whole other story (and it didnt sell too well). So the first reason is that Team 17 wants to continue the legacy that began 15 years ago by keeping things the same. Just like the old saying, if it aint broke, dont fix it. The second reason is they dont want the direct attention of the media because some stupid kid decided to make bombs and shoot up his teachers at school because of their beloved Worms game, so since it sells better in 2D, and keeps them away from negative media attention, they prefer to keep it this way. By the way, the 3rd reason was mentioned in there, if you didnt catch it. Read it again!

The graphics in worms are superb for being 2D, and I would much rather see the series continue in 2D rather then 3D. Although in 3D, I do see a lot of potential for some really cool stuff, but keep in mind what was said in the last paragraph! So now you might say “But all 3D games could be pinned like this!” and the real answer is false! All those existing 3D games that were out at the time of and before the last school shooting were blamed, including music and movies, but mostly the video games. Not all games were direct targets, but they were all targeted in some way or another. Now if worms was to go 3D in such a way that would entertain kids all over the country much more then worms already does, and then suddenly there’s a school shooting, you can bet the media will at least mention Worms as one of the culprits for the shootings. Although this is a minor detail that I seem to have gone off about, its true, but I do forsee Team 17 taking the 3D route again in the future if their Worms series continues on successfully.

Worms ScreenshotSound
The sound in Worms hasnt really changed much since worms first came out 15 years ago. The sound quality and the amounts of sounds have increased, but all-in-all its the same great classic sounds from beginning to end. If you generally play games without sound, turn them on for this one. The quirky comments the worms make will keep you laughing as you blow up worm after worm after worm!

When Worms v1.0 first came out, there was several problems with the controls, causing most of the worms veterans to not really care much about the game. If you have never played worms before, you wouldnt notice the difference and most likely you would have plenty of fun. Since its original release July 11th 2009, Team 17 has released an updated version with fixed controls, and now everybody can be happy again!
I agree that it gets hard and frustrating trying to get used to the controls on the iPhone/iPod Touch after playing so much worms for so many years on the PC. Even though you wont be able to be as precise while aiming as you used too, you will still have lots of fun with this version of worms!

Worms has always been an extremely fun, extremely addictive games, and now that  its on a mobile device thats also a cell phone, you can take the fun anywhere you go making it that much better! The graphics are great, the sounds are classic, the controls are a bit touch and off but they still work out great. The game is missing online multiplayer, which hopefully Team 17 will add in a later update, but the offline multiplayer is still fun, and you will definantly find yourself occupied for hours on end playing Worms for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Same classic 2D game play you would expect. No complaints!
2D graphics that are most likely the best you will find for a 2D game such as this.
Same classic sounds from all the previous games, makes you feel all tingly inside listening to them!
Great controls, a little touchy and not so precise, but they work great!
Awesome game that will keep you entertained for days, possibly months! If you are not new to the series, you may find some dissapointment in the lack of online play and the diffuculties in the controls

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