L0pht making a come back?

While not really gaming news, this is good news to most of us who are rooted into some of the darker aspects of computing and the internet……..  After nearly 10 years of inactivity and seperation, L0pht is making a comeback of sorts.  If you are saying “WTF is L0pht?” then it probably won’t be worth reading for you.

L0pht started as a group of guys hanging out in a loft in Boston, and quickly became one of the most known hacking groups of the mid 90’s to early 00’s.  You may recall their testimony to the US Congress…….you know, the one where they said if they wanted it would only take 30 mins to disable the internet?  Yeah, thats my kind of people.  These are also the guy that gave us L0phtCrack.  One of the most widely used password “auditing” tools to ever hit your PC.  While the tool (as many security auditing tools) was ment to help increase your computer security, there were many of us that used it in just the opposite way.  Anyway, these guys wanted to help computer security while we ushered technology into our lives, helping us to become the fat, lazy, fucktards that we are today.  So next time you are sitting there making your Sim’s do weird shit that you don’t have the balls to do yourself, or telling off your boss in Second Life, or attempting to educate yourself with some stupid IT bootcamp in an attempt to cheat the system by only learning the answers, remember these guys.  They were out to make the internet and personal computing safer for you, while adding more tools to my arsenal so I could delete your stupid Sims town, delete your Second Life account, and read your emails.

I wont steal their thunder, so head over to http://www.l0pht.com and read for yourself.

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