Law firm looking to sue Microsoft’s BanHammer

microsoft-sign It looks like Microsoft might be looking at another lawsuit.  You might be thinking to yourself “what did they deserve this time?”.  I can assure you, it’s nothing they aren’t completely legal in doing.

A Law firm that specializes in consumer class action lawsuits is probing the recent banning of MANY upon many Xbox Live accounts.  AbingtonIP has a form on there website right now asking those that where banned, and who where not refunded a prorated sum for there time remaining on Live, to send in pertinent information. 

The company also calls the timing of the bans as “convenient”.  See, the bans dropped right after the release of MW2 and Left 4 Dead 2.  The firm believes that if the accounts had been banned before there releases alongside Halo ODST….that those games wouldn’t have sold as much.

I’d like to say that.. this sniffing around for a lawsuit, in my opinion, is fucking retarded.  No offense to the lawfirm but.  Microsoft has the right to ban anyone who is in direct violation of the Terms of Service.  You know, that thing we ALL say yes to.  if a modded Xbox violates that.. which it DOES.  then they have the right to terminate the service.  Putting a mod chip in your 360 is NOT illegal.  But, it does violate there TOS for Live.  So, they are completely within the law for banning them.  Sorry guys who have been banned, and AbingtonIP needs to study law a little more apparently.

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