Left for Dead 2–coming Nov.17th

Left 4 Dead 2.

Valve, unlike it’s past record and done a quick spin around and announced the sequel to the smash hit to L4D coming this holiday season! Just a fee months shy of a year from the original game.

L4D2 will be available on Xbox360 and PC on Nov.17 it looks like.

this time you will be filling the shoes of 4 different survivors. Valve promises deeper coop, more levels and melée weapons such as chainsaws (..YYYEESS!!!) and axes. The video even hints at a frying pan! Lawl.








 From the video we see a TANK… only, he’s got a lil’ gimpy arm.. hopefully this makes them less threatening. haha.
 Unless of course this isn’t a tank but the newly announced Charger?.  This charger is essentially a less powerful tank that is able to break the group and combat an exploit that us used against hordes, tanks, and basically everything in the game.. when the survivors tuck into a corner of a wall and stack one on top of eachother. 







[Video courtesy of Joystiq.com and Viddler]

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