Mega Man X on iPhone looks like doody….


Take a look at this trailer for the new Mega Man X “HD” being released for the iOS platform.  Doesn’t look “bad” does it?. I mean.. oh looky, achievements. Everything is better with Achievments right? (har har.) So, whats my beef with it if it doesn’t look horrible?.  Well, Watch this video from the original release back on the Super Nintendo and you tell me (ignore the low quality of the actual video and focus on everything else.) look just how much smoother it runs!, 60fps. The original did not run at that speed all the time, in heavy, screen filled battles it would lag pretty good.  Imagine those battles on the iPhone now, if they have them at all.  Look how fluid the animation is!, it’s so much nicer than the iPhone’s version!.  Why is the iPhone version all zoomed in like that too?  When you compare it to the classic it doesn’t hold up very well, sadly.

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