Microsoft Press Conference.

UPDATE:.. here is a link for the Microsoft PRess Conference. MS press conference. 

Kinect_logo_webUpdate 10:45am: Microsoft announces Natal is now named “Kinect” (pronounced “Connect”)  They demonstrate how you’re going to be able to navigate the 360 dashboard using Nata… um, I mean, Kinect.  basically, you hold your hand over the dashboard item that you want to select, hold your hand there for a few seconds, and it selects it for you.  Everything “looked” pretty easy to do, also, with Kinects, you’ll be able to simply talk to your 360 to select items or stop and start playing movies and such.  a Little too 2001: for me, but still a cool feature, there where no hitches or missteps, everything seemed to just “work”.  it’s hard to say how much was actually just working, and how much they where able to rehearse to make sure it all went off without a hitch.


Many games for the Kinect are show, Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, an Animal Sim game called Kinectimals.  A couple 3rd party games are shown, like Ubisofts “You Shape” and Harmonix dance game called “Dance Central”.  Each game shows off the unique abilities of Kinect.

Update: 11am, Xbox and EPSN sports will be bringing live Sports events to Xbox live.  Over 3,500 different sports events just this year, live over Xbox Live.  The ability to play trivia about the teams you are watching, or vote for your team are shown off. 


UPDATE: 12pm.  At the end of Microsofts Press conference, they announced a new 360.  with builtin Wifi-N and 250gb HDD.  it’s a little smaller and shiny black.  will be shipping TODAY, and releasing next week.  everyone at the actual conference.. got a free one.  Those sons of bitches!..


As you can see, the new 360 is very shiny… a looks a little too much like this Toshiba “book” drive…which I can’t find a picture of right now. But, I found a pic of a Buffalo drive that kindof looks like the new 360 as well.



New 360…                                                      …Some Buffalo Drive

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