Modern Gears of Warfare 3

A couple “slips” the past couple days have “accidently” announced 2 of the biggest game sequels.

First up. We have the ooops by Microsoft. A few days ago Cliffy B of Epic Games (Cliff Bleskanski AKA “Dude Huge”.) was support to appear on Jimmy Fallon to announce a big new game he’s working on. He was bumped til Monday though. Someone should have notified Microsoft ’cause a couple days ago..probably a little while after Cliff was SUPPOSE to be on Jimmy Fallon announcing the game. A dashboard ad on the Xbox Live “news” tab had info about Gears of War 3.

That’s right.. Gears of War 3. Should be out later this year I’m guessing. Or early next year? Not sure.

In another big “oops” (more like a move to keep people from running away the now poisonous Activision.)..Activision, in there court documents in there lawsuit against the former heads of Infinity Ward. Stated that the two have cost them additional money and resources in there production of Modern Warfare 3.


My guess is. The heads of IW wanted to make another game. Activision wanted the money that Modern Warfare 3 would make. Since they wouldn’t agree to make it. They where fired. For being…”Insubordinate”.

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