Natal Details EXPOSED!

Natal-launch-details-leak-from-secret-Microsoft-tourLooks like some nice nuggets of awesome have fallen out of the sleeping wonder known as Project Natal, the MS attachment that will follow your every movement… while you sleep… sniff your hair..


anyways,  it looks like MS is looking at a Fall/Winter 2010 release for the device, so…basically, 1 year from now.  At a price of about 85 bucks with a game, and as low as 50 bucks without a game.  That’s.. a great price point.  this was the biggest issue I saw with the device right next to support for the thing.  And with the also rumored, 14 games  that will available with the attachment at launch!.  that’s a pretty good start for it to go head on with the Wii.

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