Nvidia GT480 and 470 is here!.

So..what is the overall consensus from the many sites that have been able to review these cards? Aside from one or 2 fanboy sites that don’t take into account EVERYTHING about the card.

The overall voice is saying “Meh!”. Most sites do state that there is a speed boost with the 480, Anywhere from 10% to 28% faster than the 5870. That’s not a bad increase…until you take into account the noise and heat and extra wattage this thing makes/needs.

One site states that the fan at 100% still had the card running around 90 degrees C. And was a screaming 70dBs with a fan rotation of over 4500rpm. That’s pretty crazy. And the power draw was 135watts MORE than the 5870. That is a 35% wattage increase with only as high as a 28% performance increase.

Another, maybe scarier, “bug” spotted (which Nvidia states isn’t really a bug and may never be addressed). Was that with a single display. The gpu would idle at 135 watts and 45 degrees celsius. (that’s good). But, simply by adding another screen. (2 screens). Idle power consumption went up to 250watts! And the temp went up to 90 degrees. This is still while idle!

Also, if you want triple head gaming. You are required to use sli. No if’s and’s or but’s. The new 470/480. While having 3 outputs. Can not output to all 3 ports at the same time.

I gotta say. I’m kind of disappointed. But happy that ATI 5xxx cards will, Likely, drop in price! *fingers crossed*

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