Quick thought on Wolfenstein

As many may know, Wolfenstein was just released for the consoles and PC on Tuesday.  While I loved me some Wolfenstein 3D and Return to Castle Wolfenstein in 2001… I already have issues with this newest game that has come out.  Why?. well, the minor stuff like.. BJ (hehe.. that’s my name too.) now has a voice.  I would have preferred him to be silent.  But owe well, that’s fine.  Also, it feels too much like Call of Duty for me.  sure, I like Call of Duty as much as the next man… but, that’s call of Duty… this is suppose to be wolfenstein!.  this issue was a little more annoying.  But the biggest problem is the mouse control.  For some reason.  the mouse doesn’t feel good at all.  Am I the only one?.  horizontal feels WAY faster than the vertical.  I really don’t think I can play like this.  is it because I have dual monitors?.  because every other game doesn’t have that issue at all. 

Actually, no.. I don’t think it’s the dual monitor.  Because in Multiplayer the controls are better… but the graphics take a noise dive.  Textures and bump mapping is less detailed, and Character animation is pretty sub-par… What the hell happened Raven?!


Anyways… If I can get through even half the damn game with this crap I’ll drop a review.  Just a heads up though, it’s not looking good already.

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