Rock Band 3, this Xmas

rock-band(3)Harmonix took to Facebook, of all places, and told it’s followers and friends that Rock Band 3 was dropping this Holiday Season… While giving no details or specs or anything, simply saying it would revolutionize Music Genre gaming just as Rock Band 1,2 and Beatles did.

Hmm… If they simply said "revolutionize as the 1st one did." I would be excited.  But them saying "revolutionize as 1 2 and Beatles did" makes me feel like it’s just more of the same with nothing actually revolutionary.  The 1st Rock Band did just that.  The 2nd was just a tweak and polish job.. and… Beatles was just a band specific release…which wasn’t revolutionary at all, since Guitar Hero has been riding that train for ever.

Harmonix… don’t let me down!

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