Rock Band update finally adds wireless microphone support.

lipsWell Jeez.  Finally, after, like… over a year of saying it’s coming it FINALLY came like a sailor on shore leave!

If you don’t know.  Microsoft released a “meh” singing game a year+ ago.  The game itself was very inventive.. but ultimately, poorly executed.  The one thing they did right was the amazing wireless microphones.  Look at them!… there sexy!

Well, For that period of time, both MS and Harmonix have been saying that a patch is coming, last year they said it was coming last SUMMER!.  Well, it’s here.  and along with The mic support, it also adds:

  • Rock Band Network Audition Mode. Available from the “Extras” menu on Xbox 360 versions of Rock Band 2, members of the Rock Band Network can now upload songs from their PC’s and audition their songs using our suite of song audition and testing tools. Currently in closed beta, the Rock Band Network will welcome authors to open beta in the coming weeks! Find out more at
  • “Sort by Stars” in Quickplay. If you hit the “Sort” button on the Song Select screen, you’ll come to a brand new sort that orders songs by the star ratings that you’ve achieved on each song. Each star rating gets a category, as well as an “Unplayed” category for songs that don’t have a star rating recorded. Finally, you can record your progress towards gold starring every song in your library!
  • Background Downloading in the Music Store. Purchasing songs from the Rock Band Music Store now no longer requires you to wait for a song to download before you can download another song. You can now queue up downloads to your heart’s content, which is going to be incredibly handy with some of the amazing DLC that’s coming out over the next few weeks and months.
  • Xbox 360 Wireless Microphone Support. Rock Band 2 now supports Xbox 360 Wireless Microphones, like the Lips microphone. Finally, you can now have a fully wireless Rock Band experience!
  • Chord HOPO improvements: If you’ve played The Beatles: Rock Band, you’ll notice much more robust handling of chord hammer-ons and pull-offs. This patch implements those changes in Rock Band 2 to provide a more natural chord hammer-on/pull-off experience.
  • Velocity Sensitivity on Ion Drum Kits: Ion Drum kits now support velocity sensitivity in both drum fills and Drum Freestyle mode.

Wow, not a bad little update huh?!.  Apparently, this is available for 360 right now, but will be hitting the PS3 next week.  Hallelujah!

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