Shadow Complex Moral debate.


There is this little game floating around.. maybe you’ve heard of it?. may not.  if you haven’t, well, you should.  because it’s awesome.  It’s a “side scroller” (yeah no shit!.  side scroller!) and it’s called Shadow Complex.  it was released on the 360 a couple weks ago and is very much a Metriodvania game (A game that is in the same vain of style as Metroid or/and castlevania.)


Aside from the game itself.  There seems to be some interesting debate about the Novelist that the games story is based on. has a great write up and insight on the whole thing at this link. Kotaku: The Moral Debateabout Shadow Complex.  In this write up, a user believes he can not buy the game.. because the person who’s story the game is based on is against gay rights. 


My opinion.  This guy can not support the game.. whatever that’s his choice.  But not supporting it on that basis is like not buying socks from Fred Meyer’s because the Machine the printed that printed the label on the packaging is an Apple… or a Sun system or some shit like that.  it doesn’t make much sense does it?  Sure, what if the guy was a fucktard.  He didn’t program the game, design the graphics, spend hours debugging the code.  No, it boils down to this.  He wrote a good story WAY back, the game developer saw that it was a good story, and could work well in a game.  That’s it.  I’m tired of games becoming some political speaking point.  It’s a fucking Video Game people.  remember?. one of those things that makes us happy or feel good when where having a shitty day?.  I might as well protest to never pet my cat because when I first got him he missed the cat box once.  Go ahead and take a stand.  just step back and realize you’re a tool first..

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