Sreet Fighter IV Mobile reviewed (Android/iOS)

In this review, ReverEND and I (Sufyan) will be taking a closer look at Street Fighter 4 for both mobile platforms, iOS and Android and compare some differences in the and the similarities.  So sit back and read…..DO IT!

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Would you buy an Android Update?….

In all seriousness: That picture.  This guy over at Znet, Mr. James Kendrick, thinks that charging a “small fee” for Android OS updates is a way to fix the Android platforms fragmentation.  I know this isn’t gaming related at all, but being a firm believer and user of the Android OS I have to state … Read moreWould you buy an Android Update?….

Zombie Farm on Android Review.

Oh Zombie Farm.  How I adored you on the iOS platform (iPhone, iPad, iTouch, etc.) When you were first released 3+ years ago.  Your quirky take on the Farmville fade that was sweeping Facebook.  Your fresh take on an idea I hated from the start.  But your new twist of adding Zombies touched on the one spot that could get me to follow along…. Zombies.  Well, after 3years of success on the iOS stage, you’ve come over to the big times with Android… You probably should have studied more and done less coke.

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