Assassin’s Creed: Revelations Review


My name is Desmond Miles, I am a bartender who just served beers to people, then I got pulled off and became awesome, can you believe that! I can access my ancestors DNA and see what they have done before, once I do that I can learn from them to do awesome parkour stuff, that and stab people in the back. My favorite ancestor is Ezio Auditore De-Firenze, yes he is old now but he still runs like the 20 year old version of himself. Ok hold on a sec this plot is filled with so many holes that I can’t wrap my head around it anymore, seriously we all know that you can’t pass your own unique DNA to your children, some strands do but not memories. I mean he can access his ancestor “Al-Taier Ibn La-Ahad” (which literally translate to The Flyer Son Of No One in Arabic) and becomes awesome from the Animus? Geez I get that this is a game but that is so weird and crazy. So after all that rant and crazy talk I would like to start dissecting one of my favorite series in the current generation of games.





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