Dirt 2 Review

s36978_ps3_40Let me get this out of the way real quick. I was a BIG big fan of Both the original DiRT game, and the man, who’s name proceeded the title in all other countries aside from America. Colin McRae. I think it mixed just the right amount of simulation difficulty/realism and arcade style together to make one of the most entertaining, and equally frustrating at times, game of 2007.

That being said, I got instant gamer wood when I saw the 1st trailer for DiRT 2. But was a little saddened that Codemasters had chosen to continue the franchise after the death of Mr. McRae.

And than I got even sadder… (More sad?) When I started to see all the “X GAME!” Logos and advertisments they where putting into the game. I love the fact that Rally is in X Games now. I LOVE IT. I’m thinking. “Finally, Some freakin’ recognition for Rally Racing in the states!” But I’m also worried about the “XtrEME!!” element that X Games puts on everything…and all the market branding and the “in your face” attitude. I don’t like it. So I was worried.

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