Extended thoughts on Natal (Xbox Fluid)

Microsoft’s Project Natal. (AKA. Fluid…better AKA Thwiisixty) really seemed to impress the E3 crowds. probably because the demo video seemed too good to be true.

MS’s scope on this seems pretty ambitious. filled with all sorts of high tech circuitry, sensors, and it’s own CPU. how much will this little thing cost you?. nobody knows. with the original camera costing 40 bucks upon release, and really. That was just a camera.

You think with an IR sensor, an RGB camera, Multi-array Microphone, depth sensor and a custom CPU running Microsoft’s own special software that price might double. Because.. Hell, that all just sounds expensive doesn’t it? So, lets say it comes out at 80 bucks. to me that seems about right. So, 80 bucks seems a little steep. but if it works nearly 100% of the time then no problems right?

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