Sreet Fighter IV Mobile reviewed (Android/iOS)

In this review, ReverEND and I (Sufyan) will be taking a closer look at Street Fighter 4 for both mobile platforms, iOS and Android and compare some differences in the and the similarities.  So sit back and read…..DO IT!

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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Review (iOS)

Now we all knew that Call Of Duty Black Ops was going to come out for the iPhone, it was only a matter of time.

Just like the console game, The iPhone version has the “kino” map which from the German I used to learn in school I think means Cinema or theater but its been a while since I have used German.  There is also the tutorial for the basics but if you’ve played Call Of Duty: World @ War already then the controls should be second nature. The last map that was included in the game when it was released was “Dead Ops Arcade”. Once again just like the console game, “Dead Ops Arcade” is played with the analogs that are on the screen. you can adjust the options to your comfort.

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Mega Man X on iPhone looks like doody….

   Take a look at this trailer for the new Mega Man X “HD” being released for the iOS platform.  Doesn’t look “bad” does it?. I mean.. oh looky, achievements. Everything is better with Achievments right? (har har.) So, whats my beef with it if it doesn’t look horrible?.  Well, Watch this video from the … Read moreMega Man X on iPhone looks like doody….

Street Fighter 4 for iPhone Reviewed

Who else thought this wasn’t a good idea? I know I didn’t. And I didn’t have much faith in Capcom given there other games on the iPhone have been less than stellar… I’m looking in your direction Mega Man 2.. You half baked, poorly programmed. Choppy piece of crap. So, Street Fighter 4…. I wasn’t … Read moreStreet Fighter 4 for iPhone Reviewed

Kalypso Media to launch first iPhone/iPod title: Ceville

On the 23rd of November 2009 – Publisher Kalypso Media has announced and confirmed their entry into the iPhone / iPod Touch gaming market with their first release, Ceville. An action-arcade version of the highly acclaimed PC adventure, Ceville will be available this December from the iTunes App Store. “In addition to our boxed retail … Read moreKalypso Media to launch first iPhone/iPod title: Ceville