Crackdown meets Biohazard……..sorta

So generally the first thing I look at in a new game is, how much like an older game is it.  Immediately Prototype struck me as a Crackdown/Devil May Cry/Biohazard/Mirrors Edge rip-off, but boy was I mistaken.  It’s not too often that I am completely blown away by a game, but this was one that did exactly that.

So short version of the story goes, you play as Alex Mercer.  The game begins 16 days after a military virus (original huh?) is unleashed in Penn Square on Manhattan Island.  You have all your powers which randomly shift throughout the beginning scenes to give you a bit of a sneak peak at what is to come.  The street is littered with zombie like creatures called Infected, and some big nasty guys called Hunters.  So you hack and slash your way through the opening bit until you realise, this game was written/produced/directed by Quiten Tarintino.  After seeing all your cool powers, you are ripped back in time to the beginning of the outbreak.  Much like the beginning of Shadowrun, you start off not knowing who you are, why you are, and wth is going on with these mutations your body is going through……..

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