The Who gets own Rock Band Game?….

So… Leader singer of the Who, Roger Daltrey let it slip during an interview that Harmonix will be releasing a Who:Rock Band. Woopity fucking doo… Ok, I am starting to have an issue with this. Beatles was cool. I’m glad they got a respectable treatment from the kings of music games. But The Who? Yeah … Read moreThe Who gets own Rock Band Game?….

Rock Band Review (iPhone/Touch)


Let it be known far and wide. I freaking love Rock Band. A simple game with a core that allows nearly infinite play time and unlimited amount of interaction very new songs every week. Harmonix out did themselves when they released the Original Rock Band and Rock Band 2. With over 500 songs available for download. There is more spent on Rock Band then any other DLC content game on any system.  And before the Guitar hero franchise was sold to Activision, it was a leader in innovation and addictive as all hell.  Harmonix, earlier this year, also released Rock Band: Unplugged for the PSP,  removing all plastic instruments And boiled down the game play to the essentials. But upping the overall difficulty by requiring players to maintain all 4 tracks.

To say the least. I was looking forward to Rock Band for the iPhone. Like possibly using the microphone to do the vocals!  Customizing my band as Devo, Hoping using the songs I already have on my phone as songs to play in the game! (That last one was far fetched, but completely do-able as shown by the original, defunct, Tap Tap game.)

I imagined so much more than was actually delivered.

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Rock Band: Unplugged Review

rock-band-unplugged-ss-02 Oh Harmonix.  Will you ever forgive me for doubting your abilities as a developer of awesome games.  I was wrong baby.. I didn’t mean to hurt you.  Do I have to sleep on the couch again?

When I first heard there was going to be a Rock Band on the PSP, I instantly got horrific like flashes of a world where Harmonix has turned into Activision..  and Harmivison was raping the Rock Band franchise.  I cried a little. How was Harmonix going to possibly do Rock Band any justice if there are no plastic instruments?.  that’s not right!

But once I heard it was going to be like Frequency.. I felt more at ease, and that nightmares ended… well, at least the ones about harmivision.  I still dream about Giant crabs with penny loafers smoking a Slimjim like a cigar. (what does that nightmare mean?!)

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