Would you buy an Android Update?….

In all seriousness: That picture.  This guy over at Znet, Mr. James Kendrick, thinks that charging a “small fee” for Android OS updates is a way to fix the Android platforms fragmentation.  I know this isn’t gaming related at all, but being a firm believer and user of the Android OS I have to state … Read moreWould you buy an Android Update?….

Borderlands = Epic Win

Well well, look at this. When the great Mirrors Edge and the even better Dead Space where released last year to slow, lukewarm sales and average reviews. It was speculated that original IP’s where unwanted. Even though the gaming community where buzzing and clamouring for these games. And new game in general. It’s nice to … Read moreBorderlands = Epic Win

360 dashboard update adds….

…nothing!.. Well, ok. Not “Nothing”. The update released today updates the system with support for the Wireless-N adapter that will be released in the next month (the 3rd). That’s pretty much it. No Twitter or Facebook yet. That’s not coming until mid-November still. The N Adapter is set to be priced at the ever so … Read more360 dashboard update adds….