iPhone/iPod: Zenonia

If your in the mood for a good classic on-the-fly RPG then Zenonia is perfect for you if your an iPhone or iPod touch owner.

The game takes place in the land of Zenonia, your name; Regret. It’s a quest based RPG where the quests are styled exactly like World of Warcraft. Quest holders have a gold exclamation point over their heads, when you accept the quest, it turns into a grey question mark. When you have completed the quest it becomes a gold question mark. There’s several side quests along the way as well as the quests to complete the story line.

You have 3 job classes to choose from; Paladin, Warrior, and Assassin. The graphics are that of old school SNES Zelda, so you will defiantly get that classic old school RPG style feel.

Zenonia has hundreds and hundreds of weapons and items, and as you do quests and grind your way through the games story line, there’s several different pieces of weapons and armor you can find and buy, not to mention there is 5 different item classes; Normal, Magic, Rare, Unique, and Epic. Unlike most classic RPG’s, each weapon looks different on your character, and upgrades come frequently enough to keep you sucked in and looking forward to that next piece.

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