Temple Run (IOS) Review

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I will be reviewing another app which I tried on my iPhone. For reading this AWESOME review of AWESOME AWESOMENESS, your dream woman will be tending to your nightly desires…YES I said it… she will play chess with you 😀

Unlike the previous games I have reviewed this one is surprisingly free. This game is very addicting so if your thinking of downloading it then BEWARE…

The requirements for this app are:
-Compatible with all iDevices
-Must have IOS 3.0 or later




What’s the game about?

This game isn’t about anything really, all you got to do is run, that’s all just run. What was that? What do you run from did you ask? Well that’s an interesting question and I will answer that by saying: “No Idea”. I heard some guy in my school say that they’re ‘Evil Demon Monkeys’. Yup! that (WTF) expression on your face right now, I had that when I saw them.

Surely it can’t all be running, right?
Well no, but its the main thing that you got to do. Besides running you can jump, slide and turn. It took me FOREVER correcting turns!! First turn then turn then turn again! why am I so STUPID. Anyways in this game there are a number of different obstacles like trees which you can slide under, flamethrowing statues that look like weird fish which you got to jump over, gaps to jump over etc. I guess running in a straight line is BORING right?! The developers took that into account and instead of running a straight line, the path on which you’re running turns left or right or even both ways.

Other than that, what’s supposed to convince me to download it?
Well there are power-ups, yup power-ups. Four types of power-ups to be exact. Magnet, Super speed, invinsibility and coin boost. I hope the names gave them away because I don’t need to explain what they do, do I?…
I should tell you that there are coins which you pick up, that’s what the magnet is used for.

This game is well designed for a free game, I think. The surroundings look truly like a swamp so you can see the textures in the trees, rocks, flames etc. the characters look nice but I guess its a free game so it’s meant to look like that 🙂

The sound is…is… interesting. When you fall off the path you’re character makes the shortest screem and stops like a second in… other than that and the jumping noises i would say that they’re okay

Controls for this game are simple and easy to use. Swipe gestures to perform an action e.g swipe up to jump.

okay hows a challenge or all the readers who are going to buy it? Try and beat my high score 4,200,000 😀

Final Score Review: 9.5

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