The Apex of EPIC…Fail goes to…. Xbox 360!!

Dave_1At first I was shocked, but then reality settled in.. and now I can kindof see how that is the case.


Gameinformer.  Everyone’s Favorite Cover-2-Cover AD, stylishly disguised as a magazine.  Held a non-scientific, but kind of vast poll on 5,000 current Xbox 360 owners.. Get this.  54.2% of them had the Red Ring of Death.  Out of 5,000 People.  Over 2,500 of them had 360’s that died.  Either with the dreaded Red Ring of Death.  Or the more confusing, but just as heart sinking E74 error.


That is insane.  In Comparison, The PS3 has a failure rate of just over 10% (Yellow Light of Dismay.). And the Wii with a lower 6% (The dreaded… umm… whatever the Wii does…when it dies.)


I Had a 360 do this very thing.  I contacted Microsoft, They paid to have my 360 shipped even.  and sent me a refurbished one.  There Customer Service about this issue is pretty good.  But the fact that over 50% of there consoles fail.. even there NEW ones that are suppose to NOT do this.. is pretty unsettling.  Especially for a system I LOVE.  The 360 is my favorite system, and for good reason.  It’s the most robust.  Ps3 is getting there.. but still isn’t to the 360 level. Build quality wise though, Ps3 has it topped.  Sony has been good about there Build quality.  And Nintendo has ALWAYS been aces with there systems. 


the fact that Microsoft can’t seem to fix this issue tells me that This is a design flaw inherent to the 360.  I don’t see any revisions fixing this.  Here is hoping there next system isn’t disposable.

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