Tim Schafer was on Late Night.

Anyone see that one of the most well known game creators was on a Late Night TV show?!  Yeah, I’m serious.

Tim Schafer, responsible for Full Throttle, Psychonauts, Manic Mansion, The about to be released Brutal Legends and a slew of other memorable and nostalgia inducing games, was on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night TV Show.

He is a very soft spoken man.. and I had to turn the volume up a little bit.. which is ironic.  He’s such a metal head, where it’s super loud and you WANT to turn it up, but he’s very quiet, and you have to turn it up.

Ya know, As much as I dislike Jimmy Fallon and his utter failure as an actor and a cast member of Saturday Night Live.  I gotta say, his love for games is admirable.

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