Vida Gaimes Makes u stoopid?

2117095528_5dc326d7c6It does according to this study that was just recently published.  Whole study can be read right HERE.  The study, which is an actual study and based on survey data on kids habits or behavior.  This study actually went and randomly chose 64 (ironic number isn’t it?) 6 to 9 year old boys and gave half of them a playstation.. not sure if it was a PS3 or PS2 or what, it just said Playstation.

The study is very neutral and does seem to be looking for answers rather than pushing an agenda which is nice.  The person behind the study says that more study is needed to find out if this is a long term effect or just a type of "Honeymoon" period.  Because it was only a 4 month period.

t’s not a long story, and worth a look.

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