When the World Ends…

On July 31st at 11:59pm, The remaining Matrix Online servers where pulled offline and the game has officially been shutdown.  While I never played the game (although I always did that whole “I’ll pick that up and try it” view about it.) 


With a very grind (killing groups of enemies over and over until you level.) intensive setup, many players lost interested.  Once that happened, Sony stepped in to “help out”.  all they really did though was move characters from low population servers to higher population servers to keep the game from feeling empty.  They really didn’t put any effort into keeping the game fresh and alive.  Until they had to just pull the plug.


This got me thinking about MMO worlds though. 


An MMO isn’t really something you just play for a little bit a day.  The vast majority of people playing will play for hours upon hours everyday.  This much time spent in a virtual world has adverse effects.  What happens when that world is then deleted or unplugged?.  Do you just go back to real life?.  do you feverishly try to find another world to make your home.


While I did play WoW (World of WarCraft.) for a year or so, many hours a day.  I was jolted out of the game and rarely ever felt the need to play it again.  But, what would have happened if the game that I was still apart of had just ended?  What does that feel like?.  Is it like when your favorite restaurant closes down and you simply think back in found memory once it awhile? Or is it a more severe loss. Can anybody comment with your stories of being apart of a virtual world that just ended?

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