Would you buy an Android Update?….

In all seriousness: That picture.  This guy over at Znet, Mr. James Kendrick, thinks that charging a “small fee” for Android OS updates is a way to fix the Android platforms fragmentation.  I know this isn’t gaming related at all, but being a firm believer and user of the Android OS I have to state once again:


With all the mobile OS’s out right now, why would Android, the only open-source OS charging it’s users be the best step?  That is the worst idea imaginable. His answer to pirating these paid versions is just as “I can count to Potato!” worthy as well, Hey… just check their Google accounts to see if it says they paid!. Apparently he doesn’t realize the reason piracy is rampant is because people are smart. You think software developers just release their work without any security at all? No, pirates crack open the code and take out all those little checks to make it work. why would you not think that would happen here?

Charging customer for updates is the single worst “solution” to anything, what is going to fix Androids fragmentation is for Google to throw it’s weight around now. With… what, a Billion Android devices out there, Google can easily lay the law down and say. “Alright, now that you all bow at the idle of Green… we have some rules that need to be followed!” enforce stricter update cycle times for Carriers and Handset manufacturers to stick to in order to allow them to keep using Android. And yes, “Allow!” Android is Open Source, the don’t really pay shit for it.

Link for the Lawlz:
How to fix the Android update mess: Paid updates | ZDNet.

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